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a little love goes a long way

One of the main reasons I limit my professional projects is because of the time I am so blessed to be able to put into my kids’ lives. I volunteer with both their schools and stay very active in their after school activities. Both Merrik and Maliea attended a co-op preschool which requires a lot of involvement from the families. The parents volunteer their time to help the school with operational responsibilities rather than pay someone to do it. Every parent has a job to keep the school running smoothly as well as work in the classroom 2-3 days per month.

My job was yearbook photographer when Merrik was in school two years ago and I photographed all those kids like never before. I loved catching them swinging, riding, running, blowing bubbles and getting messy. Last year I decided I couldn’t commit my time to yearbook since it is very all consuming. However, I couldn’t help but photograph those young, vibrant, playful and captivating kids whenever I had a chance.

Serra Preschool has two amazing directors who act as the teachers and a whole lot more than that. They are incredible at nurturing the young minds and bodies attending preschool to grow into healthy, self-assured and well balanced children ready to enter a kinda crazy, impacted and chaotic school system. Merrik spent his entire year at Serra building train tracks and riding tricycles. He never picked up a pencil or crayon, a paintbrush or scissors. I had no idea what would happen come Kindergarten where you have to write and cut and color all day long. His teacher, Betsy, assured me that he was doing what he needed to do. So he continued to make train tracks and ride his little bike every single day of preschool.

Then in Kindergarten he started writing and drawing and painting and coloring and he is now one of the most talented writers and artists in his class. His time came for all that and he hasn’t put down his paintbrush, pencil, crayons or scissors for more than a day since. He creates anything you can think of like it’s going out of style.

Last year Maliea was at the same school doing her thing with an amazing director, Monica. She has the biggest heart of anyone I know and we are all so sad that she will be leaving us to move back to her homeland of Puerto Rico. I hope one day we can visit her and her wonderful family on our boat as we sail around the world.

Serra Preschool is a whole lotta love all around and I am so fortunate that it has been a big part of my life, my growth and my development as a parent too.