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hawaii five o

photographic animation of ukulele

photographic animation of ukulele


“Any problem you can’t solve with a good [ukulele], is either, unsolvable or isn’t a problem.”

A few years ago my husband bought a ukulele in Hawaii. He researched different styles and brands and he ended up finding the perfect one in the neighborhood behind Waikiki. We then headed to the North Shore where he played it every night and my memories of that trip are filled with the music from his ukulele playing. He even wrote a song for little miss M who was 1 at the time.

Now, everywhere we go, he brings the ukulele and plays. At the beach, on the boat, in Hawaii.

And he plays at home just about every night. It is the most wonderful sound you can imagine. Hopeful, bright and filled with joy. Even the sad songs sound happy.

He is having a big birthday this year–next month is his big five O. And he told me he already knew what he wanted. Not a fancy new car, not a big extravagant party or trip to some far away exotic destination (well, he probably does want these things–except the fancy car because we are both practical), but a professional grade ukulele.

He researched and hunted and compared. He narrowed it down to one of the 3 Ks. Kamaka, Ko‘Olau or Kanale‘a. He went back and forth between a Kamaka (the brand Jake Shimabukuro plays and now everyone else does too…) and a Kanale‘a finally deciding to go with his heart and not mainstream trends and get a Kanale‘a.

It cost about 4x as much as his “beach” uke but looks and sounds 10x more beautiful. The resonance, the depth of tones, the intensity!! It’s amazing how different it sounds.



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    Jason D.

    August 14, 2012

    I can’t tell you how much I love this. He has so much style, always seems comfortable, and obviously has his priorities in line. I’d much rather have that “best friend” of a guitar that I can bring to all the subsequent vacations and parties. He chose… wisely. 😉