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saltwater dreams



I refer to saltwater dreams a lot in my social life: Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook. It comes from my strong yet intangible memories of sailing across the Pacific Ocean 12 years ago and the desire to have these dreams come alive again. The experience changed me in ways that cannot be expressed easily in words.

The sound of the waves slapping on the hull of the boat day and night, then the dance of light on the froth of the waves at daybreak. I witnessed both sunrise and sunset on the ocean almost every day for 27 days. I took watch on the 6:00-12:00 hours and Jim took the 12:00-6:00 hour watches. I think my watches were much easier because I experienced both sunrise and the sunset. I believe this helped give me a sense of place and time. Otherwise our view was always pretty much the same every day: sea and sky.

Many days there was no sun, however. Just heavy clouds or pouring rain. I remember these days being very somber.

The nights without a moon were the greatest challenge. Except for one night when we saw huge bursts of bioluminescence in the water around the boat. Massive streams of glowing green light zoomed from port to starboard beneath us and in great swirls around us. It was dolphins playing in our wake causing the plankton to light up.

This time spent on the ocean is one of my favorite memories in life. The peacefulness, the quiet fortitude my husband and I endured and the accomplishment of discovering another way to be in this world will always be in my heart. Something that no one can take from me.


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    amy grace

    July 10, 2012

    kristianne this is so amazing. i have giant tears in my eyes. when i found your work a few months ago, these were the images that most drew me in. you are such a treasure.

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    July 11, 2012

    I’m a complete sucker for water shots, so I LOVE these! I hope you get to sail across the ocean with your whole family soon. And I’ll be waiting for all your photographs when you get back. I’m pretty positive they would be fairly amazing!