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.celebrating 90 years


Between commitments to photography projects, the kids starting school and the day to day of family life I have barely had time to maintain the status quo around here. The blog has been the first thing to be set aside unfortunately. But, photographing life has not ceased. In fact I am photographing more than ever before in my entire life!!

I come from a family of families and married into a family of families. We all consider ourselves family with people who aren’t even family. I think that’s why I don’t spend a ton of time with friends.

So, we recently took a break from our life on the boat and drove to San Diego to celebrate Gramma Tilly’s 90th birthday! It was held at her and Lee Mather‘s magnificent home on Glorietta in the heart of Coronado.

When we arrived the party was in full swing with balloon decorating and bocce ball. My M&M joined right in with the other kids as we enjoyed chatting and meeting family we had not met before.

I feel so blessed to have so much family, so much love and so much joy in my life. My kids are fortunate to grow up surrounded by extended family who love them and support them in all they do.