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approach to critical mass

I have been delving a little more deeply into my personal photography lately. After shooting for 25 years, making pretty pictures isn’t enough motivation for my personal work anymore. I am longing to delve deeper. I want to explore why I photograph what I do and what draws me to photograph certain aspects of life more than others.

I recently began a new journey with some other photographers by signing up for Aline Smithson’s The Next class. It’s a huge commitment for me. Leaving my kids all day once a week for 6 weeks to drive to Hollywood is scarier than crossing the Pacific for me. But I am thrilled to be a part of this new adventure toward meeting new people and thinking more profoundly about my work.

I have been perusing a variety of fine art photography websites that explore thought provoking and relevant imagery in photography today. The Critical Mass Winners for 2012 were just announced and I am again blown away at the incredible stories and viewpoints that continue to be brought to the table.

When I get down on my work I usually just tell myself that everything has been done and convince myself I don’t want to rehash the same ol’ same ol’ that other photographers have already done. But when I look at this collection of work on Photolucida, I stand corrected and it gives me hope that someday, somehow I will have something unique and important to express in my own way about this crazy, beautiful, inspiring, scary world.

A few of my favorites from the top 50 Critical Mass winners include:

Adam Wiseman

Lydia Panas

Heidi Kirkpatrick

Ilona Szwarc