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indian summer in october

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Our October has been the most beautiful I can ever remember. Warm days, warm nights, more humid than usual and ocean temps in the upper 60s. It’s our version of an Indian Summer. Technically an Indian Summer is warm days that follow a killing frost. But we obviously don’t have many killing frosts here in SoCal!!

Truly it’s been a blessing to my health in so many ways. Getting outside and spending time in the ocean is a must to maintain my sanity! I already miss living on the boat-the simplicity of life and the escape from the rat race that I don’t even care to participate in just fades away there. Running around from school to activities plus keeping up with the social network and my normal work requirements definitely contributes to the feeling of overload for me but taking the time to step back from trying to fit it all in has been such a gift.

I am posting an early October summary because the next week is proving to be jam packed full of growth, focus and completion of various things in my life. Finalizing some major client projects as well as starting a new journey in Aline Smithson‘s The Next Step workshop at the Julia Dean Photo Workshops has my heart racing. It’s something I’ve had on my goals list for several years now and the timing couldn’t be better. Aline is also going to be at the Center for Fine Art Photography when I am attending the opening reception for Green where my work is being exhibited. I can’t wait to shift my blogging to include what I am working on personally rather than only sharing what I have been doing with my family!!

October was filled with family beach days, a trip to the Reagan Library with my cousins, aunts, mom and sister, an evening at Carnival Colossal in San Clemente, a visit to the Aquarium of the Pacific, lots of school help days, a week of illness, second shooting for Leah Zawadzki and a top secret commercial photography collaboration!

I loved photographing my family at the Reagan Library. It’s not a location I would choose to go to but a day with the girls was so much fun for me. I definitely am blessed to have so much family close by but I tend to not socialize with girlfriends often enough because my family fills so much of my life. I particularly enjoyed the perfectly groomed shrubs and phallic jet engine on the airplane and the Russian posters at the library. I have been photographing more quirky things that catch my eye lately-anything besides my kids. I feel like it helps round out my photographic vision. ;D

I also had a ton of fun photographing other people at the carnival. One of the carnies was quite taken aback that I wanted to photograph him. My husband suggested that maybe he’s wanted and that’s why I got such a funny reaction from him! It was the first time I’ve been to a carnival since I was a little girl. So many things brought back fond memories of The Fiesta we used to have here in San Clemente when I was young: the crazy rides that give you bruises everywhere, the teenagers congregating in gender packs trying to look cool to the opposite gender packs, the games where you can throw a ping pong into a fishbowl and win a gold fish!!! So.Much.Fun!



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    October 26, 2012

    i can feel every ounce of you coming through this post. just gorgeous, k!

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    October 27, 2012

    I love your surfing photos so, so much. Have a wonderful time at the Green reception!