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.there’s something about sano

There’s this special beach we go to for the kids to surf. The waves are gentle and flow in across a rock reef in varying degrees of difficulty but mostly they are good for learning and longboarding. It’s a place trying to exist in another time. Even the people there seem to come from another time period or they are doing a fantastic job of art directing their own way of being in a time long past that actually never existed.

The atmosphere is mostly family and friendly and not so friendly old timers. It’s relaxed, hippie-like and definitely has an old time Hawaiian feel. The bamboo forests along the shore have showers, tikis and royal seats carved out tree stumps hidden inside. Most people come to enjoy the ease of backing up your car to the sand and spilling coolers, barbeques and beach chairs out into a home away from home. They may go out for a surf or they may not. They relax, hang out with friends, gather around the fire pit and enjoy a beach fire until it gets too dark to find their ‘slippahs’ in the dark.

The oddest thing about the place is that it sits right along the edge of a nuclear generating station. The station is currently closed but not for good and not for the most positive reason either. There was a leak in the steam tubes that were recently installed and then damaged by vibration.

I grew up in San Clemente and haven’t given much thought about the plant until recently. I do worry about what it’s doing to our water and air-the environment my kids’ cells are developing in. But, since I don’t have an extra arm or other extreme health issues, I just keep on keeping on as usual.

We enjoy the ability to let the kids surf until just before sunset and then gather around the fire pit with friends to drink, roast marshmallows and talk about life. The spring and fall are the best seasons for it and it’s so much fun to finally have all the crowds tapering off so we can find a spot at the edge of the sand to hang.