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.the ocean delights to set us free

From the series ‘Rite of Water’

When we step into the water, it is a feeling like no other. It is smooth and cool. In order for us to thrive in such an unusual environment, we must allow ourselves to be vulnerable. I spent the better part of my life experiencing vulnerability in the ocean: from swimming in the shore break to surfing at the height of a summer swell to swimming off our sailboat in the ocean’s depths beyond the shore. These memories recall everything from tremendous exhilaration to paralyzing fear.

Photographing my children and their friends at the same beaches, coves and bays that I spent my childhood in brings back powerful memories. Their interaction and response to the ocean is as I remember experiencing it: curious, energetic and zealous with a good dose of respect. As I watch excitedly I often worry too: “Are they okay out there or do they need my help?” and the cycle of my memories in the sea continues.