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at the edge

Undulating Canvas

Equatorial Heaven

Choppy Barrier

I’ve been literally immersed in a personal photography project for the last several months and have learned so much about intention and letting go. It’s been a wonder for my work but more importantly I have more admiration for the images I am making.

Before I would make images that were close to my heart. They were beautiful and expressed my joy and life at that moment. But they didn’t go any deeper than that. What I have been able to do is use those as sketches to uncover another, more profound way to make images that really speak to my heart.

The intention aspect is huge. I can’t express enough about making images with a clear understanding of what and why you are making them. It’s like writing a story that you know the characters, the setting and the plot and they all communicate together what you want to say.

After I saw the movie Life of Pi I knew I had to make images that looked like it did when I was out in the open ocean: steep, pressing seas, undulating swells, billowing, streaking skies and a mysteriousness of whether the seas are threatening or not because living in the unknown is a big part of the experience of being at sea.

My series At The Edge has always been about me being at the edge of the ocean with my kids, or friends or family yet longing to really get back out to sea to experience once again the enlightenment that I experienced while on a passage across the Pacific Ocean. It’s difficult to experience this sort of remoteness and peculiar mysteriousness here on land. The only way I found that I could really express what this felt like is to hop in the water close to shore where I can still see my kids playing or surfing and photograph the ocean in a way that reminded me of this.

The time of day, the effect of wind and the height and steepness of the waves all have an impact on how you feel while out at sea and in my photographs. The cinematic diptych presentation represents the two sides of where I want to be: between being here and being there. The titles are all pulled from language I used in my journal while I was sailing.

To see the work in print, please consider coming to the group exhibition where it will be displayed as 20×40″ prints. I would love to see you at the opening reception!! Be sure to visit the blog for the exhibition to read about all the other amazing photographic work being presented.



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    amy grace

    March 4, 2013

    you have given me so much about which to think. i understand that place of origin, the importance of knowing the starting point, the arc and heart of the story, and now i have a glimpse into yours. your work is so big, so living. this looks like such a wonderful exhibit. i’m fascinated.

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    March 5, 2013

    if i had the money and the space … all of these would be mien .

    brilliant intention and always inspiring xo

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    March 17, 2013

    saw the work in person- . powerful.. moving. the format is wonderful too.