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grace and character | my little girl is turning five

Birth to age 1

20080327kristiannekoch-babymaliea0080  20080330kristiannekoch-babymaliea0258 20080426beep 20080426love 20090322kristiannekoch-maliea1stphotosesh0017

Age 1 to Age 2

20090510kristiannekoch-mothersdayportraits0001 20090628friends047beachbbq 20090815family_446bigbearlake 20090924family_004catalinatrip 20090927family_484catalinatrip

Age 2 to Age 3

20100218family_116tstreetkids   20100308friends_022fordfrances  20100311family_096tstreetcrew  20100313family_087nssasurf_pier 20100317family_009stpatricks_grandma 20100318family_030roomandtrack

fine art photography 20100630_film

20101103family_tstreetcrew188 20110109family_piersurfcontest071  fine art portraits

20110123family_snowwhite03520110121family_calafiabeach035 20110127family_holeinthefence102 20110131family_concordiaplayground035 20110205friends_sierracatalinabirthday075



Age 3 to Age 4

20110327family_malieasbirthdayparty0054 20110401family_aprilfools0040 20110408family_kiddclub-park0064 20110501family_aguacaliente0069 20110606family_onthebed0069 20110612family-athome0051 20110629kristiannekoch.com-irvineparkwithsandy0180 20110705kristiannekoch.com-inthesprinklers0066 20110719kristiannekoch.com-family_darthprincess0006 20110910kristiannekoch.com-tallships0203 20111003jacuzzi 20111005kristiannekoch.com-oahu0289 20111005kristiannekoch.com-oahu0306 20111008kristiannekoch.com-oahu0972 20111009kristiannekoch.com-oahu1434 20111010kristiannekoch.com-oahu1708 20111127kristiannekoch.com-tidepoolsat2040081 20111129kristiannekoch.com-tstreetcrew0015 20111202kristiannekoch.com-gettingreadyforchristmas0003 20111204kristiannekoch.com-ochristmastree0187 20111204kristiannekoch.com-ochristmastree0234 20111222kristiannekoch.com-jellyfishing0015 20111229kristiannekoch.com-birthdayatthebeach0027 20120104kristiannekoch.com-pierswings0022 20120118kristiannekoch.com-whiteseamlessmaliea0040 20120212kristiannekoch.com-athome0034 20120212kristiannekoch.com-casperspark0001 20120212kristiannekoch.com-casperspark0072 20120223kristiannekoch-nudeonground0013 20120228kristiannekoch-redridinghood0006 20120318kristiannekoch-snowadventure0171 20120319kristiannekoch-courtneycourtney0018 20120321kristiannekoch-olympicagym0225  fine art portraits

Age 4 to Age 520120404kristiannekoch-malieaathome000320120401kristiannekoch-myaprilfool0008 20120408kristiannekoch-eastersunday0037 20120427kristiannekoch-sanobonfire0076 20120521kristiannekoch-homeiswhere0123 20120907kristiannekoch-catalinatrip0132 20120908kristiannekoch-catalinatrip0258 20120909kristiannekoch-catalinatrip0934

fine art portraits 20120930kristiannekoch-sano0012 20120929kristiannekoch-mysunfish0018 20120930kristiannekoch-sano0233

fine art portraits 20121028kristiannekoch-kidsathome0014 20121031kristiannekoch-serraparade0037 20121111kristiannekoch-anniversary0057 20121122kristiannekoch-thanksgiving0202

20121124kristiannekoch-thanksgiving0432 20121208kristiannekoch-dpboatparade0030

fine art portraits 20121209kristiannekoch-mandm0024

20121222kristiannekoch-skateboarding0026  20121225kristiannekoch-christmasday0077 20130101kristiannekoch-coronadonewyears0074 20130115kristiannekoch-personal0038 20130116kristiannekoch-personal0080 20130218kristiannekoch-personal0241

fine art portraits 20130126kristiannekoch-gamblehouse0127 20130313kristiannekoch-serra3day0039

20130311kristiannekoch-malieatelescope000320130303kristiannekoch-attheedge0345 20130226kristiannekoch-maliea0013


Five years ago the doctors pulled her from an incision in my belly. Twenty minutes in the operating room and voila! There she was; as beautiful as she is now. But most important, my Maliea is growing up with amazing grace. She is the girl I never was and always wanted to be: cool, calm and collected. She knows what she likes and takes no guff from anyone. She doesn’t get pulled into social drama nor is she swayed by what’s popular. She dances to the beat of her own drum.

Her spirit is powerful and inspiring. I remember being a bit goofy when I was young but I have since lost it-I take things way too seriously-and I am going to nurture that wonderful silly humor she posesses. Maliea has thicker skin than I do so I suspect that she will be more likely to maintain her goofyness. Her humor keeps us all laughing and although her beauty shines on the outside, her wit keeps it glowing bright.

I love her so much and can’t imagine our family without our little girl. She brings balance and order to the universe.

Unlike most photographers these days, my kids didn’t inspire me to start doing photography. I was a photographer long before they came around. But, they have been the primary subjects in my work for the last 8 years. Before that, human subjects were just a hint of life in my environmental landscapes. So I do have them to thank for bringing the portrait to my portfolio. My favorite portraits are the ones that aren’t just a display of beauty. I love the ones that express a quirky, authentic and vibrant character. Both my children are the main subjects of two of my ongoing portfolio projects: On Board and If I Had a Brother. If I Had a Brother is an unreleased series about my strong desire as a young girl to have an older brother to look after me and the relationship that I am observing between my son and my daughter.


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    March 22, 2013

    Holy WOW!!! So many amazingly beautiful shots. Both your kids are going to have such an awesome collection of photographs from their childhood. Lucky kids.

    This post has brightened my otherwise dreary day, so thank you for that. I would name some favorites but there are way too many. A lot you’ve never posted before and just gorgeous! I’m sure she’s going to have an amazing birthday on Monday. Looking forward to seeing those shots.

  2. Reply

    Dawn Shiree

    March 22, 2013

    Kristianne, the two of you have left me speechless. Gorgeous in every way, my friend. <3