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nature and history

So when we looked at the surf forecast and it said 0-1′ poor to fair, I decided it would be fun to satisfy our minds instead this past weekend. We headed for San Diego on Saturday and spent the afternoon at the pool and the evening at the ballpark. We took the Coronado Ferry to 5th Avenue landing and then walked across the street to Petco Park where we watched the Padres play well until the 7th inning stretch.

As we returned to Coronado Island on the 9:25pm ferry we reached the middle of the bay and a boat about 200 yards away started shooting fireworks into the sky. We could not have planned it any better if we tried. It was the best show the kids have ever seen. You could actually see where they were firing from on the deck of the boat.

The next morning we lounged around Gramma Grampa’s house in the Cays then set out for the San Diego Natural History Museum at Balboa Park. We were all in heaven. My daughter and son both loved seeing and learning with the animatronic dinosaur exhibits. They also had a sculpture of an Oarfish which is one of my son’s favorite fish. It is proof that sea serpents do in fact exist. My husband and I loved seeing the “smart art.” It made me realize that I really want to work toward using my photography to communicate thought provoking ideas about science, history and life.



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