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art and design

I studied design and architecture in college and when I transferred to California State University at Long Beach to focus more on fine art, I discovered photography. But, I am still passionate about design and architecture. My husband is a very creative designer [and would make a fantastic fine artist] and I’ve gained a lot of inspiration from him.

In 1953 my maternal grandparents established El Camino Travel. At the time it was a business where the marines from Camp Pendleton Marine Base could wire money home or buy a bus ticket. They also offered Western Union Telegram service.

My grandfather-an adventurer-started the agency and lead groups all over the world. But he was an artist first and loved design too. He collected travel posters for their beautiful graphics. He was created custom window displays for the agency and used airbrush graphics combined with dramatic lighting to create ambiance both day and night. He also loved photography and I can’t wait to go through the thousands of slides from his years of world travel.

When my parents sold the building where their office had been for 4 decades, I went in and grabbed all the posters. They were destined for the trash bin and it took me three days to go through the thousands of posters that were kept flat and in near pristine condition. This in and of itself gives the posters tremendous value. I know for a fact that they are not reproductions but original prints because of ‘provenance.’ I personally know where these artifacts came from.

These are just some of my favorites. I am finally ready to part with them to help us raise money for our world sailing voyage. In the next several months I will begin selling them on Etsy and working with other entrepreneurs who are just as passionate as I am about their beauty and who want to help me find good homes for all these treasures. They are valued from $10.00-5000.00.

Some of these posters have already been sold. You can find a few at The Modern Vault in Newport Beach. Be sure to stop in and say ‘Hi!’ to my friend Shelly who owns the shop. She’s a photographer too and has great taste in mid century modern everything.