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solitude project

Coming from a fine art photography background, the past several years of only working with the digital format has left me longing for a deeper connection to my true creative self.

Digital stops the creative process short and doesn’t allow for the longer more drawn out tactile process that I love so much about photography.

This mirrors the current online social experience that I have where I don’t get to see the person I am communicating with and the relationship is very brief and empty. I have spoken to many woman who have told me that social media tends to leave them sad and longing for a deeper connection so I wanted to create a project that could heal that for everyone involved and express that it’s okay to choose solitude over empty connections.

In this new project I reach out to women who I originally met through social media. I ask them if they want to be photographed for a project and then take the time to get to know them in person as a photographer gets to know her subject. I make an image of them using digital or film then print it on Moab Moenkapi Kozo paper and proceed to paint the surface by hand with watercolors letting the water wash over the paper mixing with the archival inks. The Kozo paper reacts to the water which creates a beautiful patina to the final print.

When done, each one is a truly unique piece of art.

handmade photographic art