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crew’s quarters



In the hunt for our perfect boat over the last 9 months I’ve considered everything from galley layout to cutlass bearing access. One of the top considerations has been a shared stateroom or separate staterooms for the kids. When we ever make it offshore, I want to be sure to honor M&Ms personal space. In such a small place for a family of 4 to live, I think separate bunks could be really important. I also think there’s a good learning experience in making them share a stateroom with a place for their ‘treasures’ on ‘their side’ of a double bunk. In my thoughts I’ve been spending more time watching them as they spend time in their room-their private getaway.

They have always had to share a room so I think that will ease the transition. But, we have found a boat we love and feel really good about as a sturdy offshore blue-water cruiser but it doesn’t have a separate stateroom layout for M&M. I have considered sewing a “lee cloth” that hangs between their ‘space’ to separate them on the same bunk. They can keep their treasures on either side in small cubbies and cabinets. It could work for awhile. Wondering what happens when they turn 14, 15, 16…