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the boats that go


So this is a list of all the different types of boats that signed up on Latitude 38’s PacificPuddleJumpdotcom to cross the Pacific in past years-just like my husband and I did May of 2000-from the west coast of the Americas to the Marquesas. We didn’t sign up for any group crossing-we just went on our own. We also didn’t know anyone else doing the crossing nor did we know about any other boats that would possibly make a crossing like this. We were literally living in our own world from start to finish. Even when we were cruising we didn’t share our experiences until several months into it and even then it was only a handwritten letter home. We didn’t see photos until 7 month after we started the trip. I still have not scanned all the photos from our trip so am having that done right now and I can’t wait to see them.

This time around for us is very different because of the internet. We are learning so much about boats that are available and good for going offshore in but it’s almost too much. Alas we continue to educate ourselves. We have taken a look at a few of these models for our next boat and are starting to research many others on this list that are within our grasp financially. Some of these boats are upwards of $1 million. It must be nice to have that luxury but it doesn’t guarantee you a successful passage. Strange how that works. We were on a Downeaster 38-basic as basic can be but built solid: hand laid fiberglass, full keel, heavy displacement. We had no SSB, no refrigeration, all sails managed on the foredeck, handheld GPS, self steering wind vane (Auto Helm) but no auto pilot so when the wind vane didn’t work we hand steered. We crossed in 27 days with no major equipment failures.

The boats we’ve already seen on this list are the Slocum 43, Le Comte 45, Kelly Peterson 44, Lafitte 44, Norseman 447. I’m curious to look at a Flying Dutchman (FD12), Bristol 45.5, CSY 44, Cape North 43, Spencer 42 and some that aren’t on this particular list but are known as offshore cruising boats.

Alden 54
Atlantic 48
Baba 40
Beneteau 39.3, 46, 461
Bristol 45.5
Brolga 33
C & C 41
Cal 36, 39
Cape North 43
Catalina 42
Catalina Morgan 440
Choate 40
Chung Hwa Magellan 36
Contessa 32

Contest 48
Corbin 39
CSY 44
Dreadnought 32
Ericson 38, 39
Elliot 45
Flying Dutchman 50’ (FD12)
Flying Dutchman 37
Gozzard 36
Gulfstar Sailmaster 47, 68
Halberg Rassy 352
Hans Christian 33
Hunter 45cc, 466, 49
Hylas 47
Ingrid 38
Irwin 52
Island Trader 46
Islander 36
Island Packet 40
Joe Adams Naut 40
Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 45.2
Kelly-Peterson 44
Lafitte 44
Le Comte 45
Liberty 458
Lidgard 49
Lyman Morse 54
Magellan 36
Mason 33
Morgan 384, Out Island 41, Out Island 51

Norseman 447
Ohlson 38
Outbound 44, 46
Oyster 485, 56
Pacific Seacraft 37, 40
Panda 40
Pan Oceanic 46
Passport 40, 47
Passport Peterson Custom 45
Pearson 10M (33’)
Saga 43 (2)
Santa Cruz 50
Selestra 50
Slocum 43
Spencer 42
Spencer 53
Sunbeam 53
Swan 41
Tartan 37, 412
Tayana 37, 42
Valiant 40
Van de Stadt 50
Warner Channel Cutter
Wauquiez Pretorien 35
Westsail 42