getting my priorities straight

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The past couple of months have been insane for me-an overwhelming balancing act between “keeping up appearances” with the house and the kids’ activities combined with the behind the scenes details of life that must happen and nobody else wants to know about. This includes scrambling to move paperwork from the inbox to the done box for all financial, health and business related fun for not only my family but my husband’s mom as well. So when we finally had a chance to head to SanO as a family for a much overdue surf, I was in heaven. These are images I made waiting for my husband to get a surf in after I had already been out surfing with my son and got back in touch with him and the ocean and living in the moment.

We also accomplish some major tasks before heading out the door that have been on my list of things to do with the kids to get us ready for sailing away. A couple of weeks ago we sorted all the change in the house that had accumulated in the Sailing Vessel “Kitty.” Then I purchased a manual coin sorter and within no time both kids had the hang of it and were sorting coins, sleeving them and adding up all our money to get it ready for the savings account.

It’s one of the main goals for taking them sailing offshore. The more “in the moment” we are, the more they will learn about real life and the simple yet important basics of living a life of independence and true freedom. I am constantly working on not getting in a rut of doing everything for my kids. I believe keeping them from doing things themselves so we can get places faster, get things done better or not have to “parent” them stands in the way of them becoming independent and learning about the value of self-motivation, resourcefulness, inventiveness, imagination, ingenuity, originality, creativity or enterprise.


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