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sailboats personified

I am pretty sure most boat owners personify their boats to a certain degree. They name them after all and if they name them with a traditional woman’s name then it gets truly personified. I know after spending years on “Pelican” I feel like she is part of the family. I worry about her and want to take care of her. After seeing so many neglected boats during our search for the perfect family cruising boat, I always feel sad. Maybe like you would feel after going to the animal shelter.

Recently 8 boats were sunk in Avalon harbor during the storm on December 30, 2014. Two people lost their lives and one of them was known to be trying to save a boat. Clearly it’s hard for some to separate their boat from their family members. This movie made me cry-seeing a boat brought ‘back from the dead’ instills hope and gives me peace that someone cares enough that they would want to bring it back. Of course I am sure insurance and value plays a role here. We don’t have insurance on our boat because it’s so old and most insurance companies don’t want to insure an old boat. But I would imagine we would want to do all we could to bring Pelican back if this happened to her.

This beautiful time-lapse shows the raising of the Susie Q. She was holed after being slammed into by a 70′ dive boat which came loose from it’s mooring. The Avalon Harbor Patrol was trying to tow the power boat into deeper water but all the cleats and windlass pulled off the deck leaving nowhere to tie lines to the boat. Click here for a fully detailed, personal report by Holly Scott of Charlie’s Chart’s.