cub scout campout

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Over the weekend we had a fantastic time camping at Palomar Mountain State Park with Merrik’s Cub Scout Pack 705. The location was amazing. It only took us a couple of hours to get to the site and we were completely immersed in the mountain ecosystem at 5500′ elevation. Our site was shaded by oak, incense cedar and Ponderosa pine. We arrived just as it was getting dark and we set up camp by lantern. When we awoke the next morning it went from dead silence to a gradually increasing cacophony of birdsong. We heard Wrentits, Rufous-crowned Sage Sparrow, California Thrashers and the beautiful Mountain Chickadee sing in orchestra.

The day was filled with stick sword battles, whittling, Lord of the Flies wildness and dusty nature hikes. We went fishing at Doane Pond, climbed trees and explored and found mountain berries along the Thunder Spring Trail. It all harkened back to my days as a Wilderness Travel Guide for the Sierra Club and I was so excited to be sharing it with my kids. It was great to see wildflowers I recognized from back then popping up here and there even with our heavy drought.

On the last day we stopped at the observatory to check out the 200″ mirror and slide down the staircase railings.

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