photography with a purpose

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20150317frederickamanor-4666 20150317frederickamanor-4874For many years I’ve written about doing photography with purpose. The idea that you can choose what you photograph and consider how you add images to the glut of the photographic collective is a curious perspective. More often than not, I have had a hard time making personal work that basically was the same thing that everyone else has already done like the dramatic B&W landscape with a figure off in the distance, the portrait of an acquiescent girl with pouty lips and flowing white dress staring blankly into the lens, the abandoned building with graffiti and peeling paint. But that’s just me. I am really hard on myself and on photography. I’ve always had too high of expectations and have always been overly critical. It has taken me years to just go with what I believe is best for me and where I am in my career and not judge everything so intensely.

I recently had an assignment that was the manifestation of exactly what I had imagined as the perfect professional assignment. Well, nothing is perfect, but this was pretty close to my vision of what it would be like to experience an ideal job. Weeks before, I had written down my wish for a well paid assignment where I was working with an art director who appreciated my creative vision and was fun and easy to work with. I like to create specific images that are on a shot list that fit the needs of the client and the agency for advertising and marketing collateral. Then voila-it happened.

The experience of the shoot itself was great. I was so blessed with perfect weather and even some clouds in the sky that day. I was given the opportunity to suggest unplanned locations on a whim and make images that were beyond initial creative expectations. The talent was wonderful and including a few quirky behaviors, one woman’s comment about the art director’s funny hair and another woman saying how she was not thinking about me while I was photographing her, they were all really great to work with. It was a rewarding experience to honor the elderly in society and listen to their wisdom about life, love and friendship. We even got to hear a first hand account about how a couple broke the bed in their european hotel room on their honeymoon.

My next big visioning for the ideal and well paid job is me on a sailboat in the middle of the Pacific Ocean with my family.

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