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I See Things Differently

Original file (left) First round edit (right)

Final edited image

The anatomy of a final select

All of my published images have been color corrected and retouched ie: “created in my mind’s eye,” and are not straight out of the camera. I’ve spent years perfecting my style of loose and carefree images that professionally fit into a tight layout with exacting details for my clients. However, it often feels like my style is caught between being too relaxed for commercial work and too austere and rigid for fine art. Yet, I have come to treasure it and so have my clients.

I recently created lifestyle portaits for a creative client with a strong vision who needed an image of herself to express her brand. We both agreed on several of the portraits I made. But it was such a windy day that most of them had issues with wardrobe and hair.

I ended up creating an image that we felt communicated her brand in the best way possible. Her smile, clear eyes, fun jumpsuit and relaxed pose were great. However, her hands were in an awkward place and her hair was not working on one side from the wind flattening it out. So I pieced together four different images to create the one that showed her personality and style the best.

Thanks to Amanda’s feedback and honesty about what she wanted, I was able to create an image we are both excited about. Be sure to check out her free-spirited and organic art at Bella Caronia.

And if you need a portrait that expresses your true personality for your business, please give me a call and send me an email. I would be thrilled to work with you!