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My Journal August 1, 2000

“On July 29 we woke to fairly clear skies except dark black clouds dead ahead. At 0600 or so we were nearing the clouds and the wind shifted around to the S and became very cold. Jim immediately reefed in the main. Moments later we were hit hard with the strongest downpour we have both ever experienced. The winds were about 25K on the nose. The scariest part is that we were heading straight for…

our aloha house


from Leaves from A Grass House
by Don Blanding
Green are the hills behind my home;
White are the clouds that froth and foam
To the high blue sky where the rainbow’s veil
Is a gauzy Scarf. There’s a winding trail
Through fern and guava and waving ti….
…A pleasant jaunt when you visit me.
Deep and cool is the broad lanai;
The place to sit as the days slip by
Watching the surf that is madly hurled
On my coral…

photography is [an art and a business]

This is some of my favorite work lately. It’s the type of work I really love and the type of work I’ve always loved. I am not quite sure why it stands out other than it is beautiful to me. Both images are technical disasters. I know I wouldn’t be able to sell this work to clients even though I love it and it’s really me and I want to see them both HUGE on my wall. I mean,…

photography is [a haptic photographer]

I came across this article while researching the existence and possibility of printing on one of my favorite bromide photographic printing papers, Luminos Pastel Antique Ivory. I have a few prints left that I made in my darkroom and I cherish them as the last analog work I did. I also used this paper to hand print 150+ little prints from my travels that I signed and then gave as wedding favors on our wedding day. This paper has…