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photography is [leaving las vegas]

Shot on expired Kodak BW400CN film with a Nikon EM and 50mm manual focus lens. Because you can’t use electronics during take-off and landing, I decided to carry my completely analog 35mm camera to WPPI. I bought this camera to take with me on my sailing trip in 2002 just in case my electronic film camera went out on me (just like it did when I was in a Schmetterling Haus in Austria back in 1991 and had no…

photography is [the casa romantica]

Awhile ago we visited the Casa Romantica here in town. We wanted to do something different but didn’t want to join the swarms of So Calians in the local mountains and we didn’t want to drive far (ever since we went sailing and didn’t have a car for 2 years, we haven’t been big fans to get back on the road).
So we ended up at this beautiful cultural center and gardens right here in town near the pier. We…

photography is [a good ol’ twin lens reflex]

All of these were shot on Kodak Ektar 100 with a $95 Yashika Mat 124G twin lens reflex manual focus camera. The hardest part was focusing these because the little magnifying glass for looking at the ground glass up close is broken and kept flopping around in my view. It definitely helps to use my Sekonic to meter the light. Even though the Yashika has an internal light meter, it’s not very accurate.

I didn’t do any processing on these….

[photography is] a yashika mat 124g & nikon 8008s film camera

All 4 above were taken with the Yashika Mat 124G with an 80 f/3.5. The next 4 were taken with my trusty 8008s and 50mm f/1.8 lens. The Nikon I took to Europe and had temporarily short out on me from being in a Schmetterling Haus and then again all the way to Raiatea and back in humid, tropical conditions without a problem.

I love the cameras that I took these images with. I’ve been shooting with both…

[photography] is sailing

I recently processed some old film that I found in Jim’s Holga camera that has been lying around our house for 8 years. I finished off the roll then sent it to Richard Photo Lab in Hollywood. Although I am sure it is not the technical quality they are used to seeing, the images are priceless and true gems. These few images are from a day that Jim and I went sailing on Dulcinea when we first started going…

[photography] is bath time

My kids love bath time. I love bath time. It helps all of us relax. Even if it’s their second bath that day, I do not hesitate to send them to the bath to calm them down. It’s great because it makes up for all the shower time that I miss out on. After the bath is time to cuddle them in their towels. Maliea resists I think because Merrik loves it so much but if Merrik isn’t around,…