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fine art photography

[photography is] contemporary holiday gifts

I will be selling my fine art panels, elegant boxed notecards and other framed and matted artwork this Sunday at the Holiday Bazaar hosted by Jennifer Basilio and Friends!! Join us for a festive afternoon of shopping, storytelling and visiting. Bring a friend and spend some time supporting local women owned businesses. Other vendors include Amber La Motte with Frances Eve Boutique clothing and Jennifer Basilio with CapoBooks.

Contact me by email if you are interested and I will send…

[photography] is sailing

I recently processed some old film that I found in Jim’s Holga camera that has been lying around our house for 8 years. I finished off the roll then sent it to Richard Photo Lab in Hollywood. Although I am sure it is not the technical quality they are used to seeing, the images are priceless and true gems. These few images are from a day that Jim and I went sailing on Dulcinea when we first started going…

[photography] is bath time

My kids love bath time. I love bath time. It helps all of us relax. Even if it’s their second bath that day, I do not hesitate to send them to the bath to calm them down. It’s great because it makes up for all the shower time that I miss out on. After the bath is time to cuddle them in their towels. Maliea resists I think because Merrik loves it so much but if Merrik isn’t around,…

heart song

“I have never had a relationship with anyone or anything that has been more continuously inspiring as photography. The history of, the process of, the purpose of, the challenges of, the simplicity of, the complexity of, the changing of photography constantly grounds me and takes me on new adventures in my heart, in my home, in my town, and in my world.

I have been connected in some way to photography as far back as I can remember. 8 years…

letting go

I recently took a parenting class and one of the main things I learned about was letting go. Letting go of control of your kids’ behavior and letting go of your anger over your kids’ behavior. It has helped make my experience being around a 2 and a 5 year old a much happier one.

I have also been showing more of my personal photography. Getting it out there for others to see and comment on. I am showing it…

underwater fine art portraits

I am so blessed to have wonderful friends who love the water. It’s hard to find people who don’t enjoy at least dipping their toes into the water but around here, it’s common to be a water lover. When she suggested using her friend’s pool to do maternity portraits in, I was thrilled beyond belief. I have always had the most amazing clients to collaborate with and I am so grateful.