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.a visual heart-to-heart

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Over the last several months I have had the opportunity to completely shift my photographic experience by exploring why I continue to do photography after all these years. I have been in communication with other fine art photographers and involved in a supportive community of artists whose language is photography. This transition has helped me get back to my personal roots of what pulled me in to photography in the first place. In the process I have had…

immersed | inspired

I have been drawn to the tremendous body of work by Wayne Levin and a few beautiful images in Shaun Fenn’s lifestyle portfolio for quite some time now. It usually takes a while for that initial spark to sink in and work its magic on my own photography but I have been creating studies for the past year and have finally produced some images I am excited about. Drawing from some of my absolute favorite images created for myself…

a creative collaboration

What Path Will She Pick?
I was so fortunate to participate in Jane Fulton Alt’s Creative Collaboration!! It was such an amazing process for me and really gave my creative process the nudge it’s been needing. I have always loved ‘making’ images. From the moment I learned how to make high contrast masks of my negatives and use registration pins in the darkroom, I have been making composite photographic images.

Making images from piecing together several images has always been a…

bringing art to life

I have been inspired for years by my son’s creative imagination and artwork. I’ve recently been spending more time archiving it before it turns into an overwhelming project and trying to figure out the best way to display it and incorporate it into our home as decor. Recently he drew a monster on paper as a pattern that he wanted me to turn into a stuffed toy. He had a vision in his mind of what he wanted it…