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lifestyle photography by kristianne koch riddle

Business Branding

Business Branding Imagery

Creating a cohesive vision for your business is so important to stand out from the rest of the crowd. Branding is sending a message about your business in a way that illustrates a mood, feeling, tone, with the intention of conveying a consistent message. When people think of your business, you want them to be able to describe it in a way that is unique to your brand.  Photography branding simply sets you apart from the competition…

water portraits

I am so in love with shooting in the ocean. Most importantly I love connecting with other “water-lovers.” Being in the ocean is a special experience especially here on the California coast where the waves are like gold: respected, cherished and longed for. I am so excited to be able to bring together my two loves: photography and the ocean to all of my clients!

Summer Photo Camps
for Kids

“Your children can learn photography from an award-winning, internationally published fine art and commercial photographer. Kristianne has been a photographer for 27 years and earned her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Photography at Cal State University Long Beach. She has created advertising photography for LG – Signature Kitchen Suite, Toshiba, Kodak, CHOC Children’s, St Joseph Health and many other companies and organizations. She has taught photography at CSUF, has been published internationally, and has been recognized in the fine…

My client work from 2017


2017 was a year where I focused on my family’s health needs so I was really surprised to see how much work I had actually created for clients. I don’t feel like I ‘worked’ one day the whole year. It feels like the older my kids get, the more they need support from me and the more I really appreciate and enjoy my career and the people I get to work with. Maybe it’s supposed to be that way…

I See Things Differently

The anatomy of a final select
All of my published images have been color corrected and retouched ie: “created in my mind’s eye,” and are not straight out of the camera. I’ve spent years perfecting my style of loose and carefree images that professionally fit into a tight layout with exacting details for my clients. However, it often feels like my style is caught…

Healing lifestyle

One of the few images where I added lighting. This was taken in the gym located in the basement of the hospital. I used one Alienbees B400 with an Octabox.

I recently worked on a commercial project for St Jude Medical in Fullerton, CA. I was hired to create a collection of lifestyle images over a three day period for them to use in web and print materials. Utilizing as much natural light in the hospital as possible, I created…