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my first born is nine

Merrik turns 9 years old today. He has begun the path across the threshold of childhood and is truly a young man developing his own ideas about the world and personal independence. I am so proud of the choices he makes and after about a year of him questioning his own choices in life, he is on his way to being a very confident thinker. I have been photographing Merrik in the water since he was born. He started swimming at 7 months…

.joy as deep as the ocean

“May your joys be as deep as the ocean, your sorrows as light as its foam.”
I have been busy with many many sessions but this one just seems like the best one to post as we are deep into summer! It was a gorgeous evening at T-Street with warm water, perfect barrels and balmy air. When I closed my eyes I could have easily been back at Oahu rolling in and out of the surf with my camera.

My love…

a first grandchild | san clemente artistic baby photographer

I so enjoyed photographing this beautiful family at San Clemente State Park. The weather was amazing and everyone was very relaxed. Proud grampa didn’t want to be in the shots but he was so naturally comfortable with baby Dominick that I couldn’t resist capturing many images of them together. His two beautiful daughters grew up right here in San Clemente and went to the same school Merrik is going to now. I love meeting families who have lived here…