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ocean fine art

why I love to photograph in the water

I started photographing in the ocean 13 years ago. I bought my first water housing to take with me on a sailing trip from San Diego, CA to Hiva Oa, French Polynesia and beyond. It was an Ewa Marine housing that I used with my Nikon 8008s and I shot with Fujichrome 100-36 frames at a time. Naturally when my children started to spend hours in the ocean, I would want to photograph them there too.

I was inspired by…

ocean fine art photography

threshold people

    I have spent the last 8 years photographing my children in the ocean and pool to explore their seasoning in the water. From their love of small wavelets lapping at their toes to being inside the 6′ waves in the shore break, I have watched and witnessed and documented every step of their learning process.

I have been inspired by Wayne Levin for many years. His ‘Canoe Paddlers’ and ‘Surfers’ caught my attention…

.the ocean delights to set us free

From the series ‘Rite of Water’

When we step into the water, it is a feeling like no other. It is smooth and cool. In order for us to thrive in such an unusual environment, we must allow ourselves to be vulnerable. I spent the better part of my life experiencing vulnerability in the ocean: from swimming in the shore break to surfing at the height of a summer swell to swimming off our sailboat in the ocean’s depths beyond…

CHOC the future’s bright ad campaign


It’s always an honor to work with CHOC Children’s Hospital and this year was the most inspirational project I’ve worked on with them. They selected 4 children age 1-16 who wrote about what they hope for their future and why. From a parent’s perspective for their one year old to a teenagers dream to cure skin cancer, every child in the campaign is a real person with hopes and dreams for their future. I’ve also included some behind the…

pure preschool joy


I have been busy with both my kids’ schools lately. Besides the usual homework and after school activities, I also commit quite a bit of time to helping in both their classes. I feel it helps show them how important school is to us and how proud we are of them to be students.

I spend most of my time at my daughter’s preschool. I have always enjoyed photographing…