[photography is] what I am sharing today

“Sometimes when I am sitting by myself Those quiet moments when not with no one else I’m mesmerized by all the many good things in my life I think about the time when I was younger And the older that I get the more that I feel wiser With the …

[photography is] a mini session at the tidepools

After I photographed this session, I mentioned how another photographer was lining up her matching clients and sitting them on the same rock over and over. This is the perfect example of how different my style is. I too was doing a holiday session with my family and we played in the light, in the water and with the rocks (most importantly with the rocks!). The light was stunning, the location couldn’t be beat and the family was for real. I love them! Dad is a designer, Mom is the granddaughter of my Godmother and their son loves throwing rocks …

[photography is] a very sweet family ~ san clemente family photographer

I had such a blast photographing this beautiful family awhile back. The little girl was truly a professional and a joy to work with. She is talented in music, dancing and sports. They enjoyed a sunset picnic overlooking the ocean as I captured the way they love to spend their time together-at their favorite neighborhood park.

[photography is] the session after

I recently had a session since my experience at the Wallflower Friends Retreat. I don’t feel different but I am seeing differently. Somehow I now have permission to see the way I have always wanted to see. Today, I am not blinded by all the other work out there that I love and wish I could call my own. I know this takes practice-letting go-no expectations-being in control of losing control. Today, I accept my own photography as the carefree images of real life that I hold close to my heart and today I’m not scared to show it.

[photography is] a retreat for discovery

A couple of weekends ago I left my kiddos for the first time to experience something new and long overdue. I flew to Salt Lake City and then drove to the absolutely stunning Sundance Resort in the Wasatch Mountains. It was a weekend of meeting new friends, breathing life into …

[photography is] a little dancer

I’ve been able to spend a lot more time with Maliea recently since Merrik started Kindergarten last week. It’s been so much fun to hang out with her and just her. She is such a little doll, dancer and joy to be with. She reminds me that I was once a girl who like to dance and paint and cuddle.