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Communication Arts Photography Annual 2014

I am so incredibly honored that “Merrik and the T-Street Shorebreak” was selected for an Award of Excellence in the Communication Arts Photography Annual 2014. This is something I dreamed about since I started shooting in college. I have always admired the work in Communication Arts magazine and even more excited is my husband who is a Creative Director at DGWB Advertising! He doesn’t always appreciate the fact that I am sending off framed artwork to be exhibited in…

Paradise Found


After my husband and I sailed up from French Polynesia to Hawaii, we sailed around the Hawaiian Islands for a few months then settled into Ala Wai Yacht Harbor where the famous Ala Moana Bowls surf break was our backyard. We took The Bus to work in downtown Honolulu every day and returned home to the boat to surf under the fireworks at Waikiki.

We both worked at a small publishing firm that did some advertising for Nissan and Infiniti…

asana FIT yogis


For the last couple of months I have been very excited to work with the lovely ladies and asana FIT here in San Clemente.  Both Jessilyn and Kristin have had a strong vision from the beginning as to what they wanted to convey in the studio’s website.  Of course our wonderful San Clemente beach lifestyle is a huge part of that vision.

It has been an ideal job to create images for their new…

great ocean quarterly

I am so honored and thrilled to have one of my favorite images selected for the cover of Great Ocean Quarterly magazine. This is a stunning magazine that delivers gorgeous layouts, thought provoking articles and inspirational photography and illustrations.

The launch issue featured an amazing cover image by Jon Frank. You need to read the story behind the image on his blog and be sure to check out his absolutely stunning seascapes. They make me drool!!

If you subscribe to Great…

CHOC the future’s bright ad campaign


It’s always an honor to work with CHOC Children’s Hospital and this year was the most inspirational project I’ve worked on with them. They selected 4 children age 1-16 who wrote about what they hope for their future and why. From a parent’s perspective for their one year old to a teenagers dream to cure skin cancer, every child in the campaign is a real person with hopes and dreams for their future. I’ve also included some behind the…

st joseph health advertising campaign

 One of the Sisters of St. Joseph and the gorgeous light in the Napa Valley

  Carrie standing in for me for a test shot
Carrie working her magic on one of the doctors in Napa

My client multi-tasking: putting out fires on her phone back at the office while overseeing the entire shoot

Shawna standing in for a test shot with her own twist on “the portrait” (ie: The Scream)

My beautiful client-not on her phone-standing in for a test shot

Shawna and I…

friendly docs | commercial photography




Awhile back I was hired to create images for the St. Joseph Health System’s advertising campaign.

They wanted me to create images of real people who seemed friendly and approachable using just natural light inside a medical facility.

It was a wonderful project and I met many inspiring and successful doctors, nurses, surgeons and even a sister.

The art director and stylist were a joy to work with and I look forward to more fantastic opportunities like this!

. interview with a photographer



“ Which of my photographs is my favorite? The one I’m going to take tomorrow. – Imogen Cunningham

Before I decided to concentrate on my own photography business, I started a company called Thought Gap. The name was born from the belief that the creative process happens when we aren’t thinking– between synapses. This ‘gap’ in our thoughts allows us to just pull from a deeper place without our thoughts getting…

outtake moments



I was so thrilled to work with a fun and easy going Art Director (that’s him in the lab coat top image right-posing as some doctor, and holding “baby” in the maternity ward-bottom image) and Stylist (in the pink sweatshirt) on my recent commercial photography shoot.

I photographed inspiring doctors, nurses and Sister Teresa who were just awesome to be around and get to know. We had a smooth day of shooting in the surgical center, maternity ward and other…