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artistic family portraits by kristianne koch

Client faves 2015

2015 was an incredible year for me professionally. I had the opportunity to work on rewarding projects with many wonderful clients. Even though I spent most of my year focused on family goals and obstacles, I traveled more than ever, had infrequent jobs that encompassed multiple days yet I still surpassed my financial goals! It really helps to tell the universe what you want. I did all of this while visiting some cool new places. photographing a huge variety of awesomeness in our world and meeting some wonderful people who make our…

at the edge of the world


One of my favorite locations by far is the rugged and remote coastline of Northern San Diego County. It’s a risk to take families there because it is so rocky but this family fit right in in their surroundings and added a spark of life to the otherwise parched landscape. In spite of the beach being completely covered with large rocks and the pounding surf surging ever closer to their adventurous kids, they were along for the ride. It was a gorgeous…

family portrait photography

settling in

I love to photograph families who just moved to the area or are visiting-and the Vinger family was no exception. I enjoy sharing local lore and knowledge with them so they can feel even more at home here where I grew up. This family was wonderful to work with  although the middle boy kept running off (I could relate-I’m the middle child too) and was over the whole photography thing-unless he was the only one being photographed of course!

the brady bunch


Actually I mean the Cabral Bunch. His, hers and theirs all came together for a family gathering in beautiful San Clemente. They just bought a fantastic condo above Linda Lane beach and wanted to remember this time together. It was a more pectacular evening than I could have asked for and we had an excellent time getting portraits of their family together.

Oro Family Session


The Oro Family came to San Clemente to enjoy an evening at the beach together. I always enjoy seeing families play together with no agenda or formalities. It usually takes awhile for everyone to warm up to the idea that a photography session is fun but these guys started goofing off together right away!