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artistic family portraits by kristianne koch

[photography] is maggie and milly and molly and mae | farrell photo session

When Amy emailed me awhile back about doing a photo session and a book to visually express the e.e. cummings poem that represents each one of her girls, I had to choke back tears. As much as I love being in control of the creative process, I truly love the collaborative experience of meshing a vision with someone else. I would love to do more sessions that incorporate the client’s lifestyle and personality into the shoot.

This session turned out…

[photography] is a mini session | sinacori family

The light peaked out of the fog for a brief moment while I was photographing the Sinacori family at the San Clemente pier for their holiday mini session. They were so fun to work with and I even received a palm full of little shells as a gift from the middle daughter (the one climbing on the pilons).

[photography] is the robbins family—-orange county family photographer

I had a fabulous time with the Robbins family at Crystal Cove State Park for a photo session. Their youngest goes to Serra Preschool where Merrik is this year and I am so excited to have had the opportunity to get to know them better. They all looked great in their very own denim designs and I was privileged to get “the eyebrow” from Lucas! It was a fun way to end the weekend before starting another busy week.

[photography] is a sister’s portrait session

While I was in Big Bear I wanted to do a photo session with my little sister and her daughter Rose. We have been talking about doing one for awhile and it’s been years since I’ve made them get in front of the camera. For me, family “portraits” are always the hardest. I always mess something up but somehow end up with at least one good image.

The settings in Big Bear were so perfect but every time I thought…