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lifestyle photography by kristianne koch riddle

photography with a purpose

For many years I’ve written about doing photography with purpose. The idea that you can choose what you photograph and consider how you add images to the glut of the photographic collective is a curious perspective. More often than not, I have had a hard time making personal work that basically was the same thing that everyone else has already done like the dramatic B&W landscape with a figure off in the distance, the portrait of an acquiescent girl with pouty lips and flowing white dress…

brand refresh

I spent the last 4 months working with two talented professionals at Wonderful Machine to update my commercial photography site and brand identity. It has been the most wonderful experience for me and definitely a milestone. I have always been resistant to hiring a consultant to help me with anything because my husband specializes in branding and design. But after years of not being able to connect with him due to busy schedules and his need to not talk…

turning seven

My baby girl is turning seven today. The last seven years have been filled with laughter and joy, surprise and revelation. When I was a gooey mess in high school, I swore I would never have a daughter. I just couldn’t imagine wanting someone else to endure the challenges of growing up an emotional and out of place girl like I was. Well, Maliea has taught me that you don’t have to be that way: that it’s ok to be tough and…

favorites 2014 – for others

I have had a rough couple of months with my blog. I had to transfer it to a different host and when I did, I lost several of my favorite blog posts. Most important was the one I wrote about my husband and me and our 17 years together. I didn’t compose it anywhere else so trying to muster up the mind power to write it again may take me until our 18th year together.

Getting these images posted for my annual favorites…

at the edge of the world


One of my favorite locations by far is the rugged and remote coastline of Northern San Diego County. It’s a risk to take families there because it is so rocky but this family fit right in in their surroundings and added a spark of life to the otherwise parched landscape. In spite of the beach being completely covered with large rocks and the pounding surf surging ever closer to their adventurous kids, they were along for the ride. It was a gorgeous…

family portrait photography

settling in

I love to photograph families who just moved to the area or are visiting-and the Vinger family was no exception. I enjoy sharing local lore and knowledge with them so they can feel even more at home here where I grew up. This family was wonderful to work with  although the middle boy kept running off (I could relate-I’m the middle child too) and was over the whole photography thing-unless he was the only one being photographed of course!

80 years of life

all the cousins

me with my dad, mom and two sisters

This past weekend we celebrated my dad’s 80th birthday with a huge gang of family and friends. It was a gorgeous day in Dana Point and my sister put together a fun and fabulous gathering. Family and friends from far and wide (all over CA) came to help my dad recall what a…

Communication Arts Photography Annual 2014

I am so incredibly honored that “Merrik and the T-Street Shorebreak” was selected for an Award of Excellence in the Communication Arts Photography Annual 2014. This is something I dreamed about since I started shooting in college. I have always admired the work in Communication Arts magazine and even more excited is my husband who is a Creative Director at DGWB Advertising! He doesn’t always appreciate the fact that I am sending off framed artwork to be exhibited in…

the passionate sense of potential


In striving to make unique and stand-out imagery, finding relevant inspiration is so important. Our world is flooded with images! Limiting where you spend your time looking for inspiration becomes more important. There are a lot of trendy images circulating that live like a pop song. They are amazing and wonderful and inspiring the first time you see them. They are instant gratification at it’s best.

But the enjoyment doesn’t last. It’s sugary and sweet and your appreciation for it wanes. Every time you…