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Client faves 2015

2015 was an incredible year for me professionally. I had the opportunity to work on rewarding projects with many wonderful clients. Even though I spent most of my year focused on family goals and obstacles, I traveled more than ever, had infrequent jobs that encompassed multiple days yet I still surpassed my financial goals! It really helps to tell the universe what you want. I did all of this while visiting some cool new places. photographing a huge variety of awesomeness in our world and meeting some wonderful people who make our…

the perfect time for portraits


I recently finished up a wonderful fine art photography panel order for this couple and they were so wonderful to give me some input on their experience with me. It’s never a perfect time.

Life isn’t always perfect and simple and carefree but we want to remember the times when it is. Kids get cranky, couples get stressed and overwhelmed, families feel the pressure of being everything to every one. But, those aren’t the feelings we remember.

No matter how challenging…

photography is [at play during a portrait session]

A fun opportunity to play came about at a recent portrait session. I always love to take risks and try new things but sometimes it’s just with the light and clients never even know. I colored outside the box this time and asked the clients if they would like to try something that I had in my mind. They got comfortable and I did the rest.

Not sure how I feel about the idea but I’m glad I did it….

in style | artistic wedding photography

I had just as much fun photographing Amanda and Peter at their wedding as I did photographing them at their pre-wedding surf session. This very special couple had an intimate and real wedding at the Casa Romantica overlooking the San Clemente pier on a characteristic foggy day. Everyone had a wonderful time at their easy-going but classy event. See more in their slideshow and view the whole event and order prints.

kristianne koch photography is life san diego wedding

prelude to a kiss | artistic wedding photography

This is part three in a series of photographic stories of Jasmine and her twin sister Tyeler and younger sister Lisan. I have been documenting their lives since they were little girls playing in the mountains and streams around Hayfork. Part I: Growing Up In Clover is when they are about 4 and 6 years old at their rural home and at their favorite play areas and Part II: Leaving Home is when the twins are leaving Hayfork for…