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portraits of women

words and threads


I have always enjoyed working with businesses to help them illustrate advertising ideas, but when I was approached to do some portraits of the enterprising Maiko for her business, I was thrilled to be a part of her next big thing. Maiko has been on the Big Island for the past decade as owner of Ginger and Koi Boutique in Kailua-Kona. She recently moved to San Diego to split her…

the organic artist

What is art? Nature concentrated. -Honore de Balzac

Recently I was so, so lucky to tag a long with my very dear friend, Aggelige, who runs the inspiring shop in the airstream trailer-Organic Designs by Aggelige-at The Camp in Costa Mesa. She is moving her planting space to a greenhouse so she can continue to make her amazing artistic creations rain or shine. We had a fun time playing in and out of her beautiful new workspace. I can’t wait…

underwater fine art portraits

I am so blessed to have wonderful friends who love the water. It’s hard to find people who don’t enjoy at least dipping their toes into the water but around here, it’s common to be a water lover. When she suggested using her friend’s pool to do maternity portraits in, I was thrilled beyond belief. I have always had the most amazing clients to collaborate with and I am so grateful.

saweeeeet sixteen

I had the most wonderful time photographing eight gorgeous and energetic teenage girls in Redondo Beach recently. A sorority sister from CSULB tracked me down on Facebook and my name popped up as she was discussing a unique sixteenth birthday party with her daughter. Her daughter planned the whole evening with seven of her closest girlfriends and a professional portrait session was the first thing on the agenda.

We stopped off at Lotus Yogurt Bar first thing to get the…

organic designs by aggelige

On my way up to Redondo Beach for a photo session, I stopped in at The Camp where my good friend Aggelige has recently moved her business, Organic Designs. She is set up in the refurbished Airstream trailer across from Patagonia. Her shop looks amazing and she is stocking up on all kinds of new yummy designs for Christmas. She tracks down some of the most amazing succulents I have ever seen and arranges them beautifully in hand welded…