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Client faves 2015

2015 was an incredible year for me professionally. I had the opportunity to work on rewarding projects with many wonderful clients. Even though I spent most of my year focused on family goals and obstacles, I traveled more than ever, had infrequent jobs that encompassed multiple days yet I still surpassed my financial goals! It really helps to tell the universe what you want. I did all of this while visiting some cool new places. photographing a huge variety of awesomeness in our world and meeting some wonderful people who make our…

18 years together

When I was thirty and had been running wild in the mountains of California, Colorado and Mexico, I really could not have imagined that some day I would be in a relationship with an awesome guy for 18 amazing years, married to him for 13 and have two beautiful children. I really hadn’t planned or dreamed of settling down that way at all when I was young. I love change, I love travel, I love to explore.

But, thank goodness I gave this ‘settled’…

getting my priorities straight

The past couple of months have been insane for me-an overwhelming balancing act between “keeping up appearances” with the house and the kids’ activities combined with the behind the scenes details of life that must happen and nobody else wants to know about. This includes scrambling to move paperwork from the inbox to the done box for all financial, health and business related fun for not only my family but my husband’s mom as well. So when we finally had a chance to head to SanO as a…

let’s sail away

Last November we sailed to Catalina Island to enjoy a quieter and more ‘in the moment’ experience as a family. Being so grateful for our ability and desire to be on a 38′ sailboat in quiet coves together, we decided it was a perfect way to celebrate our Thanksgiving. When we go, our time is always spent in ways that I wish we would spend it while we are at home. Alas, we get distracted by schedules and expectations. On Pelican…

Sammy the Explorer

There are only so many ways a filmmaker can present a surf movie: Endless Summer, North Shore, Surf’s Up, Riding Giants. The surf sessions get a little redundant but it’s all fun and I personally can’t get enough of watching people surfing whether I’m out in the water or not. I recently found this promo gem for Hurley that does something different with the good ol’ ‘surf film.’ So many talented folk out there.

sailboats personified

I am pretty sure most boat owners personify their boats to a certain degree. They name them after all and if they name them with a traditional woman’s name then it gets truly personified. I know after spending years on “Pelican” I feel like she is part of the family. I worry about her and want to take care of her. After seeing so many neglected boats during our search for the perfect family cruising boat, I always feel sad. Maybe like…

The Flying Dutchman

I used to read the story of the Flying Dutchman to my son when he was in Kindergarten. The Flying Dutchman is amongst his favorite seafaring characters. On his surfboard is a custom artwork by Drew Brophy of the Flying Dutchman, Moby Dick, the Kracken and an angler fish from the deep. It’s fascinating to see what influences his choices of the things he holds onto.

Sailing movies

Trailers for some of the best movies produced about sailing. I have admired Shackleton and his story for many years. This documentary is my first choice. Which one of these movies is your favorite? I’ve only seen four of them so I’m excited to rent the others!!