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So I took a look in the ol’ Log of the Sailing Vessel Pelican the other day and I noticed that on this day in history (2000) we were heading to Haapiti. One of the most amazing surf breaks and anchorages ever. We hit it on a day that was out of control outside the reef. Big, heaped up swells made the motor around Moorea slow going. But inside where we anchored it was unusually calm for that spot.


thought: first day of school

I went back to teaching today. Of course it was a long night last night as both Merrik and Maliea were restless. It always seems to work out that way on the night before an early or busy day.

I took the 7:11am Metrolink out of San Juan Capistrano and returned on the Amtrak. The schedules work out great for my class schedule so once again I am loving the commute to work. I also met a couple of very…

feel good sounds

Some of my most favorite “sounds” in iTunes while I’m working at home are the radio recordings we made while we were cruising in Tahiti. For those of you who don’t know, “cruising” doesn’t mean taking a trip on a huge commercial cruise ship. We did blue water cruising on a 38′ sailboat from San Diego to the Marquesas and around the islands of French Polynesia and Hawaii. The sounds-French announcements/ads, Tahitian and French rock music-all take me right…