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I am currently available for one on one professional coaching for those of you who need encouragement to create the work of your dreams and pursue projects that give you credibility–and not just on Facebook-but in real life. I want to offer my knowledge and experience to others who are beyond the point of “How do I make a photograph?” This might be those of you who are saying, “I have already been making photographs, but now I want to make photographs that not only my clients love but that I love! Now what?”

I am here to help!

A little about my photographic path: I started making photographs as a young girl and never imagined I could make a career out of it. When I took a photography class in college I discovered that I could actually make a fantastic living and have fun doing it!

I have been working in the photographic industry for over 25 years. I graduated BFA in Fine Art Photography from CSULB. I went on to work as a commercial photographer’s assistant in a busy still life studio shooting primarily 4×5 and on location–lugging heavy equipment, setting up lights, tracking down props, coordinating with stylists, lab techs and keeping the clients happy. I have also worked as a photographer’s rep assisting national advertising photographers select and sequence their images for their print and web portfolios, market their work to art buyers, create an integrated print and email campaign and then negotiate contracts between them and art buyers.


I am also familiar with the fine art world, studying under Aline Smithson. Pursuing representation and exposure through gallery and museum exhibitions has been an interest of mine ever since I studied fine art photography at university level. I have exhibited all over the country and have my photographs in permanent and private collections.

I am truly passionate about what I do and always have been from the very first time I saw an image appear on a magic paper floating in a tray of developer under a red light in the dark. Now, whether I am traveling in exotic locations or working with talented creatives on my home front in California, I still enjoy the complete process of photography-from conception to shoot to post-production. I learned over time that I enjoy being in charge of the process while working closely with supportive producers, talented art directors, wise account executives, savvy project managers, creative stylists and awesome clients!!

I have over 25 years experience in the photography industry spanning the commercial advertising, fine art and retail portrait worlds. They are all very different yet as a full time professional, I enjoy a balance of all of them and have found success for myself in each.

I am currently available for one on one consultations in person or via Skype. I love to help other photographers at all levels of experience enjoy the success I have had in my own ongoing business in this incredible and ever changing industry. We are all still learning and I believe that we need to band together to educate ourselves so that the industry continues to flourish.

I will be happy to share my experiences and knowledge about photography as an art and as a business while assisting you in finding your niche in the world of photography. I believe that making mindful choices about what you want out of your life and career is very important to the success of your future. Everything I have ever wanted, I have pursued and accomplished. Just like everyone else, I too am always on a new path to discover and execute the next step in my life’s work.

The most important areas I can help you with:


You’re a prolific image maker but maybe your images aren’t taking you in the direction of your dreams. Sometimes what we create isn’t in line with where we want to go with your career. First you must decide what you want to do with your photography, then you need to make the work that resonates with that ambition. I will help you through the process of realizing what you really want out of your work and then create self-assignments that will guide you along the path to match your work to your target audience. I will work with you on an ongoing basis to strengthen the process, offer editing suggestions and shot modifications to help make the work a cohesive part of your growing portfolio.

2-20 hours
1-12 weeks


A website is your first impression to your potential clients. Form and functionality of your site are just as important as the images it holds within. It is also important to be uniquely you and not follow the exact format of every other photographer out there. I will help you work out any hiccups in your presentation so that your photographs are put in their best light. I will review your website and provide you with detailed written suggestions and comments on what’s working and what could be improved.

Turnaround: 1-2 weeks

A clear creative identity communicates what kind of assignments you are interested in and capable of. I can help identify your photographs that strongly support your brand and that tell buyers, collectors and clients what to expect when they invest in you. I will work with you to create a customized website or print portfolio to show commercial art buyers, make fine art exhibition image selections and sequence them.

About 8-10 hours @ $100/hour
Turnaround: 3-4 weeks

From a single image quote for a local publication to conception for a national ad campaign, I understand and have been teaching others about the value of talented artists in commercial photography for over 20 years.
I have experience in contract negotiations for commercial advertising projects, project management decisions and working with talent agencies, location companies, corporations, art buyers and creative directors. I am here to assist you in taking your work to the next level creatively and professionally.

$200-300 to build an estimate from scratch
$100-200 to check your current estimate before you submit it to the client or for a creative or licensing fees quote only

Estimated turnaround: 1-2 days


“One day I opened an email from an ad agency asking if I would be interested in shooting for a commercial job. I had never worked in commercial photography before and I had to look up the definition of every other word in the agency email: broadcast usage, estimate, OOH, pre-pro. What?! I reached out to Kristianne and she gently led me through the process of coming up with an estimate to bid for the job. I am happy to say that I received the job and had a fantastic experience! Kristianne was a wealth of knowledge with many years under her belt working in the commercial photography industry. She was generous with her time and quickly responded to questions that I had along the way. She helped me in such a way that I felt empowered to go for it even though it was all very new to me. I am forever grateful for Kristianne’s help and highly recommend her services if you are new to commercial photography! —Molly Flanagan

I’ve worked with Kristianne for a few years now and her help has been monumental in pushing my fine art work forward. She has an amazing wealth of knowledge and an experienced eye for photography. She easily picked out my strongest work and led me in the direction I always wanted to go. I just didn’t know it until she pointed it out! Kristianne’s passion for the medium shines through in every way. She’s incredibly easy to work with and really, just an all around amazing individual. —Tytia Habing

Successful photographers I have given guidance to include

Noel Besuzzi
Molly Flanagan
Tytia Habing
Steven Lam
Kyle Monk
Scott Montgomery
Cristalyn Nilson
Mali Workman
Leah Zawadzki