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fingerboard fun

My 9 year old son Merrik acted in a commercial for his dad this week. Well at least his fingers did. He was on a studio set to make a commercial for CHOC Children’s Hospitals for about 3 hours at Thunder Studios. During that time he worked with Molly Schiot, enigmatic live action and animation artist, to get his part down just right. Molly was patient and helpful. I could tell her visual process was alive inside her mind the entire time-she…

CHOC the future’s bright ad campaign


It’s always an honor to work with CHOC Children’s Hospital and this year was the most inspirational project I’ve worked on with them. They selected 4 children age 1-16 who wrote about what they hope for their future and why. From a parent’s perspective for their one year old to a teenagers dream to cure skin cancer, every child in the campaign is a real person with hopes and dreams for their future. I’ve also included some behind the…

st joseph health advertising campaign

 One of the Sisters of St. Joseph and the gorgeous light in the Napa Valley

  Carrie standing in for me for a test shot
Carrie working her magic on one of the doctors in Napa

My client multi-tasking: putting out fires on her phone back at the office while overseeing the entire shoot

Shawna standing in for a test shot with her own twist on “the portrait” (ie: The Scream)

My beautiful client-not on her phone-standing in for a test shot

Shawna and I…

is our little model

Last week I shot an image of Merrik for a comp for one of Jim’s campaigns that he has been working on for CHOC. He is so proud to be contributing to such an important hospital here in Southern California. I couldn’t find a shot of Merrik that he outlined in his sketch so I shot some new images in our backyard. Merrik just happened to be home sick from Preschool that day and the light was perfect.

Here is…

an ad comp

We were all home sick today. Me with the worst of it. Or maybe just with the worst attitude about it. Being home with the kids is usually a nightmare. The house is a disaster because it’s one project after another to keep them entertained. Today I started the morning looking for existing images of Merrik for a comp for a project Jim is working on.

By late morning it came down to shooting something new for it. I had…