a creative collaboration

What Path Will She Pick? I was so fortunate to participate in Jane Fulton Alt’s Creative Collaboration!! It was such an amazing process for me and really gave my creative process the nudge it’s been needing. I have always loved ‘making’ images. From the moment I learned how to make …

the organic artist

What is art? Nature concentrated. -Honore de Balzac Recently I was so, so lucky to tag a long with my very dear friend, Aggelige, who runs the inspiring shop in the airstream trailer-Organic Designs by Aggelige-at The Camp in Costa Mesa. She is moving her planting space to a greenhouse …

life of a designer

This is a beautiful movie I just came across about the life of an artist/designer. Milton Glaser is a graphic designer who has created some of the most famous visuals in history. His latest interview about Shepard Fairey’s Obama posters brings to light some critical points for all artists. I see the fair use issue as a fork in the road which could determine the future of how law could protect or constrain art. The movie is by Hillman Curtis who is a leader in commercial and artistic multimedia projects including film and web.

happy face

Merrik called me to see the happy face he had drawn for me on the chalkboard and there was Maliea climbing up the slide toy box! I couldn’t believe how balanced and dexterous she seemed. Uh oh, look out. Merrik’s awesome happy face: Maliea’s amazing “milestone”


When I decided not to go to Disneyland because Merrik’s friend, Marley who we were going to go with is sick, then I decided it was a good day to get out some new games. Merrik loved it. We pulled out the “new” old Chinese Checkers that are probably 30 years old. A game that I used to play when I was little. Also, Merrik really got into the Colorforms that dad bought him for Christmas when he was 1! Paul Rand designed the logo so they are a very hip and retro thing.

gap: garden party

Aggelige’s Garden Party was a grand success. Everyone had a fabulous time and many people took home her beautiful designs to add a little piece of yummy art + nature to their lives.

gap: village play

We visited with Aggelige on the grass near the library today waiting for Merrik’s classes to start. Here are a few images of him having fun running and a picture of his beautiful “octopus” windsock that he created. He used his hands to paint the body of the octopus while everyone else used paintbrushes. Usually Merrik hates to get paint on his hands. He was having an inspirational day.