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[life] is a jewel

We visited the Jewel of the California Missions this weekend. It was a beautiful day and the kids loved just walking around the old ruins. I forget about it until I drive by once in awhile and then think of going to see it. Merrik and Maliea especially loved the koi ponds and the gift shop.

a rugged and stunning location

Merrik and I scouted an out of the way, rugged beach for a photo session the other day. It is located in San Clemente State Beach system and was the most perfect spot for this mom looking to set out on a new career path so she can have more time with her two adorable kids. Angelica drove all the way down from Los Angeles to meet me for a photo session and wanted to have her photographs taken…

[photography] is a feast day

Merrik had his first Thanksgiving feast at preschool this past week. After being out all week with the flu, he bounced back in time for the festive day. He was so excited to go back to school to see his friends that he was bouncing off the walls all morning.

When he got there they had a busy morning of mashing potatoes, shaking butter and designing bead necklaces, drums and arrows out of pasta, coffee cans and straws. After all…


We just returned from a trip to Portland to visit Jim’s niece, Holley and nephew, Cameron. Merrik had a blast playing with Cameron and even named the little boy in The Polar Express after him. Here are a few images of our snowed-in day at the Larkspur Riverplace Hotel and one image of the drive to the airport.

gap: one track minds

At the beach, again! The ocean is all Merrik will talk about. Well, that and what he wants for Christmas, but that’s a whole other post. We have been to the beach a lot lately. I think that’s why I am so behind on my posts!
This past weekend we finally all made it to the beach with Dad. Merrik was in the refreshing 60ยบ water the whole time. Shivers did not keep him from going in, wipe-outs did…

gap: big gap in posts

Here is last weekends post. We went to Encinitas for our six year anniversary. It was not exactly the most relaxing weekend on record. It took us 2 hotels and 4 restaurants to finally settle on either. Mostly due to last minute planning and high expectations.
We ended up at the Best Western at Moonlight Beach. This was a great hotel and just right for our little getaway. Our original reservations were made for the Sheraton in Carlsbad but…

gap: sneak peak I

Short and Sweet Sessions have begun. If you haven’t scheduled yours yet I still have openings Saturday afternoon on November 22nd 3:00pm and 3:40pm! Here’s one I did on Friday afternoon.