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[life] beach fire bbq

Last week I sent out a spontaneous email inviting some friends and family to join us at the San Clemente State Beach for a beach fire and BBQ. We showed up at 3:00pm and fortunately my good friend, Chris had already arrived and snagged the last table available next to a fire pit. By the time everyone else arrived there were several more and we filled them all up with good food and great people.

After a couple of hours…

superbowl sunday

Merrik is so into the ocean right now that we took him and Maliea to the beach
on Superbowl Sunday because the weather had been so nice. He was excited
to try out the surfboard and has been learning how to bodysurf and go under
the waves safely.
Maliea is just as enthusiastic about the (cold) ocean and I suspect she will be
keeping up with Merrik in the surf when it comes time.
After our little water safety and fun…