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[life] is a bike race

Merrik turns everything into a contest. We headed down to the beach trail in the afternoon recently and he was so excited that Maliea is now “riding” her bike. She doesn’t pedal but pushes herself along with her feet. I usually end up pushing her from behind to catch up with Merrik and after an hour head home with a kink in my neck.

Of course Merrik always wins the race as he is the one who sets the rules….

[life] beach trail

The beach trail is like a lifeline around here. It is the source of the outdoor community in San Clemente. It is always wonderful to go down to the shore but not have to just play in the water or sit in the sand. Today was an especially gorgeous day at the beach. I think most people would have skipped going because it was so overcast but once there would have discovered a fabulous silvery, glassy day.

We met Merrik’s…

just me and merrik

On Thursday, I dropped off Maliea at my parent’s place so Merrik and I could have some time together for a change and so Maliea could get uninterrupted nap time. It was wonderful. Merrik and I headed to the “beach park” to ride his bike. He really wanted me to ride mine too but we don’t have a rack on the car to get my bike “off the hill.” I used to ride down the hill and back up…