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new name

I have been thinking about renaming my portrait photography business. I have considered a unique name that is only for the portrait side of my business, keeping all workshops, photography services and design under Thought Gap like my original vision. However, after talking to Jim about a unique name, I am seriously considering using Kristianne Koch Photography to be all my photography whether portrait or fine art commissions. On the + side, I already have my DBA and bank…

a long time coming

I finally rebuilt my office. I’ve been thinking about moving it to the other side of the house and getting new cabinets and desks for about 3 years now. I did it right before Christmas which was a huge undertaking and not such a bright idea but it’s done and I’m thrilled.
With a little help from Jim and hours of studying IKEA’s catalog I decided on the simplest (and cheapest) Effektiv set-up with 2 Vika Oleby desks-one Merrik’s height…

thought: when the world lets you down

Both Jim and I are experiencing thorough disappointment from our work relationships letting us down. I had a class taken away from me for the Fall semester with no one from the university’s department letting me know what was going on. It feels like crap to be manipulated in such a way.

But it in no way compares to Jim’s predicament. His company has agreed to redraw a piece of crap logo that their client “bought” from another “design…