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a waterful july


So far July has been a wonderful month full of family time, ocean fun and lots of work. Between shooting a commercial advertising job for St. Joseph Health System to portrait…

our june


June was even busier than May and I felt like getting ready for the end of the school year took more energy than the entire school year itself! Performances, final projects, field trips, special celebration days on…

[photography is] a visit to coronado

We go to Coronado—a lot. We all love it there. We especially love that we can descend on Gramma and Grampa at their home on Antigua in the Coronado Cays where the boats are right out back and the beach is a 15 minute walk across the peninsula, under the bridge where you measure yourself.

It’s a lot like being at home but at sea level. We recently went to hang out with Merrik and Maliea’s cousins, Holley and Cameron…

[photography is] a family tradition

We spend every Fourth of July in Coronado celebrating in our own traditional way as a family: the parade, boating, surfing and fireworks.
This year was no different.
It was a good old fashioned American Fourth for the Riddles and Newmans.

[life] is escaping illness

We finally had a respite from illness in the second day of our long weekend. Everyone was already on the mend when we left town but Maliea was still fighting something. It reared it’s head on Saturday when her breakfast came back up and then again on Sunday with severe stomach cramps and gas. Poor little thing slept 3 hours and woke up finally ready to take on the weekend in Coronado.

I definitely needed the break from screaming, clinging…

san diego getaway

One of our favorite places to run away to is Coronado. We spend most of our time at Gramma Grampa’s house on the bay where we play in the boats. But once in awhile we will venture into the city for an outing. This visit we decided to go to the train museum at Balboa Park.