carnival without the kids

I recently created a catalog of brand imagery for the new Amusement Park Inc. in Santa Ana. The kids couldn’t understand why they didn’t get to go to the carnival too. Why would mom and dad go to a carnival without them? Well, I told them it was work and they …

art and design

I studied design and architecture in college and when I transferred to California State University at Long Beach to focus more on fine art, I discovered photography. But, I am still passionate about design and architecture. My husband is a very creative designer [and would make a fantastic fine artist] …

.patience and focus

“Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works“ Merrik has decided he now wants to be a car designer instead of a trashman. He has my patience and his dad’s focus. I can wait to see what career path he takes because …

photography is [why]

I’ve been asking myself a lot lately, “Why? Why am I photographing?” My kids are definitely asking this a lot lately. I have decided to explore this in more detail and ponder it as much as I can. I want to be more conscious of not only why I am photographing but why I am photographing my kids. Milestones are intrinsically a good reason. Being in a special place together is another. But as a professional it’s become more than that. Two percent of the time I’m hoping for a new portfolio image and 98% of the time its’ because …

[photography is] an updated blog

If you are reading this from an email or Facebook feed, be sure to visit my redesigned photo blog and make comments to let me know what you think!! As always, I love your comments no matter how brief or how long. I have been wanting to update my blog for several months now and have been perusing many blog design sites to find just the right one for my style and my budget. I like my blog clean and simple without all the fluff. So nothing has really caught my eye. Last night I updated my current theme-Atahualpa-to the …

[photography + life] father’s day album

I am totally loving the Finao album that I created for Jim. It arrived quickly, was easy to put together and is beautiful. I can only imagine what some of the other fabrics would look like-especially on a larger format book.

[design] your own SIGG

This is so cool! A couple of years ago I entered the SIGG bottle design contest with one of my designs. The winner was chosen by the highest number of votes and by committee for the final selection. The one they ended up choosing was horrible and I was disappointed with the process. They must have figured out a good process to ‘wrap’ any design around the bottles because you can now design your own SIGG through Cafe Press. Here are the designs that I created:

maliea’s birthday party

I’ve decided to keep Maliea’s first birthday party family only. It’s going to be sweet and simple at the house. I am designing it with the theme “poppies.” I don’t know how I got on poppies but I just did and I have had much success finding poppy decor and accessories. Here is the outfit-dress by all the numbers and hairclips by Snow Bunny Designs: Here are some of the decorations-plates found at Giftaria and lanterns at The Paper Lantern Store: I designed the invite, banner and garden flag:


When I decided not to go to Disneyland because Merrik’s friend, Marley who we were going to go with is sick, then I decided it was a good day to get out some new games. Merrik loved it. We pulled out the “new” old Chinese Checkers that are probably 30 years old. A game that I used to play when I was little. Also, Merrik really got into the Colorforms that dad bought him for Christmas when he was 1! Paul Rand designed the logo so they are a very hip and retro thing.