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photography is [waking beauty]

Dreams of a sleeping princess
by Oceansoul
Make a wish and dream a star
may this little princess see,
all the things she ever wants
her desires,written in the night
behind her eyes of perfect beauty
wandering trough her ever-dream
forevermore, little bright princess
make a wish and dream a star,
and the dream will never be afar

My little actress loves to play like she is asleep then rouse from her dreams. I am still coming to terms with the fact that my little girl is obsessed with princesses…

[life] is the little riddles at home

We’ve been spending quite a bit of time at home lately trying to keep everyone healthy. Jim has been swamped at work so the weekends “relaxing” at home with the kids has been the best way for him to rejuvenate. Relaxing at home usually includes chase sessions around the house, playing “waves” in the bedding, hide-and-go-seek, puppet shows and sometimes when necessary, yardwork.

The other morning Merrik and Maliea were playing “fashion show” in their room so I had to…

[life] is a modified board game

While Maliea was napping today Merrik, Jim and I played Candyland. Not just your standard Candyland but Merrik’s version of Candyland. Merrik is very good at taking the usual toys and making them into something else. He’s one of those kids who will take things apart and put them back together in his own way. Ride-ons and stuffed snakes make for great train parts and pillows and comforters become waves and birthday cake icing.

[life] at home

Today was supposed to be a productive day. A day to get caught up on work and a few things around the house. The temptation to run off to the beach has been too great lately and many other things have fallen by the wayside. So after taking care of some photography business I decided to plant the flowers I just bought to fill in where others didn’t make it in our front yard.

I grabbed the shovel and put…

[life] is a bedtime routine

I am not too big on pushing routine around here but Merrik and Maliea love their bedtime routine: bath, run around naked for awhile then shave and brush teeth (they both LOVE to brush their teeth!). Merrik loves it when dad is home to help him shave with his Thomas the Tank shaver and foam but he can do it all my himself now.

[life] is the family that plays together

Not only do we all love to be at or in the ocean together but we also love to be at home together. This past weekend we spent the day working on different projects and relaxing around the house. Jim and Merrik started work on their theramin and I washed some windows. Ever since Merrik saw the “Cool Tricks” on Yo Gabba Gabba where the guy plays a theramin, he has been begging dad to build his.

Jim has had…

[life] is our backyard

After a busy day in the ocean the kids still had enough energy to goof off in the buckets of water in the backyard. It is an unusual backyard for a kid to grow up in but we are starting to get it worked out.

Ever since we put the “sidewalk” in, we now have a lot more room for Merrik and Maliea to roam. But we won’t ever have one of those high wooden play sets. Could you…