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[life] merrik and me

We went to the beach yesterday, just Merrik and me. He’s been needing a little mom time lately so I decided to let Maliea get a good solid nap at Nana Papa’s while Merrik and I went to the beach to soak up the sun that has finally emerged from behind the clouds.

We went to Linda Lane and plopped ourselves down right in front of the tunnel that goes under the tracks because Merrik decided he wanted to bring…

how to burst the organization bubble

So, yes, I did get a lot done today and am so proud that I finally got all those bags of clothes to their new homes after months of accumulation. However, I did get a little “blessing from above” just now as yet still a mom and not just a housewife trying to organize the place. I found 2 bags in the garage full of toys undelivered to their supposed new home that held said track with dinosaur that…

how to burst a mother’s bubble

Today I cranked on organization which is a mother’s dream (well at least this mother’s dream). I got 4 bags of clothes and toys to the Salvation Army, 6 bags of clothes back to the generous mother who shared her hand-me-downs with us, and 5 bags of clothes, toys and baby gear to Children’s Orchard for resale. I also found perfect organization shelving for the Workroom closets and Playroom.
But, hours later, after the glory of a productive day and…

just one of those days

Today was just one of those days. I forgot my phone at home so when I ended up stranded in Orange when the Metrolink was stopped from the freight train derailment and hazardous waste spill, I had to borrow a phone to call Jim. That doesn’t sound so bad but I get constant flack from him for not answering my phone when I do have it so this was over the top.
I did make it to my class barely…

a book after boobs

A new book by the authors of “If These Boobs Could Talk” has just been released. I received a copy of Boobs from my friend Brandy and I can’t wait to see Momnesia!

process process process

“In computing, a process is an instance of a computer program that is being sequentially executed by a computer system that has the ability to run several computer programs concurrently.” – Wikipedia
Boy does this feel like me. Not just my computer but me personally. I LOVE process and the experience of going through process as a learning experience, as a mental development. But, recently it feels like that’s all I am doing. I REALLY feel like it’s time for…

merrik never ceases to amaze

Merrik continues his amazing maturation. I don’t know if it’s first born syndrome, new big brother traits, personality or what but Merrik just seems to be growing up so fast. There are certain things that have blown me away and that I never expected as a parent.
I wasn’t even going to start talking about potty training until he was 3 and I absolutely dreaded the process. He pretty much potty trained himself at 2 and hasn’t worn a…

thought: are you talking about it?

Every once in awhile I allow myself snippets of time to read thought provoking articles from sources that are important to me. I used to subscribe to Orion magazine because of it’s intelligent articles, environmental slant and beautiful artwork. Now I just get their emails but I feel better about not seeing a years worth of magazines piled up in our TV room that have never been read.

I came across this article while I was trying to track down…