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jim riddle and his magnificent ukulele

Jim has been strumming the ukulele every day since he bought it at Good Guys Music and Sound
in Honolulu. He ended up with a solid wood mahogany tenor uke after quite a bit of research
online before we left for Hawaii and in several shops on Oahu while we were there.

He played practically all day every day we were at the North Shore and at home before he
went back to work. The last couple of days…

feel good sounds

Some of my most favorite “sounds” in iTunes while I’m working at home are the radio recordings we made while we were cruising in Tahiti. For those of you who don’t know, “cruising” doesn’t mean taking a trip on a huge commercial cruise ship. We did blue water cruising on a 38′ sailboat from San Diego to the Marquesas and around the islands of French Polynesia and Hawaii. The sounds-French announcements/ads, Tahitian and French rock music-all take me right…