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remembering drew brislen

When I was asked to help document the paddle-out memorial for Drew Brislen, I of course had to say yes, even though I had never met him. Being able to give back to the local community with my photography is one of the most rewarding things I can do as a professional and a passionate artist.

I paddled out with the other surfers then swam off my surfboard to photograph everyone encircled around Drew’s wife, Michelle, in her kayak. As…

[life] is a bike race

Merrik turns everything into a contest. We headed down to the beach trail in the afternoon recently and he was so excited that Maliea is now “riding” her bike. She doesn’t pedal but pushes herself along with her feet. I usually end up pushing her from behind to catch up with Merrik and after an hour head home with a kink in my neck.

Of course Merrik always wins the race as he is the one who sets the rules….

thought: a new lab in san clemente

Just think, my hick, out of touch town has an opportunity to get on the right path. Ole Hanson would be excited about the LAB development proposed for North Beach because it matches his vision for this town but is probably still crying tears about the blundering project at Marblehead that will destroy this town.
This November I have decided to vote to approve the tasteful, hip, open, green, locally sensitive space designed by the LAB for North Beach…