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a long time coming

I finally rebuilt my office. I’ve been thinking about moving it to the other side of the house and getting new cabinets and desks for about 3 years now. I did it right before Christmas which was a huge undertaking and not such a bright idea but it’s done and I’m thrilled.
With a little help from Jim and hours of studying IKEA’s catalog I decided on the simplest (and cheapest) Effektiv set-up with 2 Vika Oleby desks-one Merrik’s height…

thought: chaos

I am in the process of redoing the office, art room AND playroom all at once. It is going to be chaos around here to say the least. I am switching rooms for the playroom and office so the “kids” area is on one side of the house and the “adult” area is on the other. Of course we’ll all probably still hang out in the “kids” area. It will be awhile until the “adult” area is done…